BIOPEST® offers a premium IPM solution for citrus to assist the control of scale and sucking pests. BIOPEST®‘s unique efficacy and safety provides excellent pest control and minimises the risk of fruit or plant damage. SUMMER OIL® is also registered to assist the control of scale and certain sucking pests in citrus.

A range of SACOA adjuvants such as PLANTOCROP® can be used to improve the efficacy of pesticide sprays in citrus.

Citrus Products


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A uniquely pure iso-paraffinic oil formulation designed for use in combination with and/ or as a stand-alone fungicide or insecticide. Certified for Organic production.

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An emulsifiable, highly refined, agricultural spray oil to control pests and diseases on many horticultural crops in IPM programs for sustainable long-term control.

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Designed to enhance the penetrating properties of post-emergent herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Particularly suitable for cold water applications.

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Using BIOPEST in Citrus IPM Programs

BIOPEST® is a certified orgnaic, highly refined food-grade iso-paraffinic oil formulation designed for use as a fungicide, insecticide, to manage certain aphid-transmitted viruses and as a quality adjuvant.

With an unmatched level of purity BIOPEST® represents the most advanced attempt yet to provide growers with an IPM product capable of controlling multiple, unrelated pests and fungal diseases simultaneously.

BIOPEST®, as an advanced biorational pesticide and adjuvant, is an essential citrus IPM solution due to:

  • Proven effectiveness in disease and pest control
  • Simultaneous management of a range of fungal diseases and pests
  • No Pest Resistance
  • Ability to modify pest behaviour
  • Minimal impact on beneficial insects
  • Not persistent in the environment
  • Low toxicity to animals and grower

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In a nutshell the use of BIOPEST® in citrus IPM programs should involve:

  • A Proactive Approach Proactive spraying is essential to IPM programs and when using BIOPEST®. Set pest thresholds, monitor and spray when necessary. This will avoid the expense of having to manage high or extreme pest levels.
  • Five Principles for Application High water volumes of between 8,000 – 15,000L/Ha depending on tree size
  • Rates of between 0.5% – 1%
  • Ideally, multiple applications
  • Thorough coverage of the plant
  • Constant agitation in the tank

The following provides further detail on using BIOPEST® effectively in citrus IPM programs.

Timings Will Vary

This chart provides a suggested approach to IPM program timings.
The timings of insect activity noted here are a guide only, as activity can vary with different seasons.

In general activity commences earlier the further north the planting. Hence regular monitoring of orchards is essential.


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Product Registration

BIOPEST® and SUMMER OIL® are registered to assist in the control of the following citrus pests and diseases:

  • Management of Citrus Weeds
    Whilst total elimination of weeds is not necessarily ideal due to the detrimental impact of their removal on dust & heat conditions, their active management is necessary. This generally involves both herbicide use & sod culture (i.e. cultivation of selected grasses/legumes) as well as mowing during winter periods in southern regions.SACOA’s SUMMER OIL® or PLANTOCROP® will assist the efficacy of selected herbicides used for weed management.

Tank Mixing

It is important to ensure safety and compatibility when mixing spray products.

Chemical Compatibilities

Always refer to specific product labels prior to mixing to confirm compatibility.

Caution on Multiple Tank Mixes

Tank mixes involving multiple chemicals should be avoided where possible due to the difficulty in calculating their combined effect on pests, plant, soil and the environment.