SACOA’s cotton range delivers proven solutions for pest management & defoliation spraying. SACOA’s research supports the claim that BIOPEST®’s proprietary formulation will deliver improved pest control, reduce the negative effect of traditional chemistry on pest resistance and beneficial insects, and provide economic benefits in the form of reduced spray costs without any negative effect on yields.

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A uniquely pure iso-paraffinic oil formulation designed for use in combination with and/ or as a stand-alone fungicide or insecticide. Certified for Organic production.

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A Premium Crop Oil Concentrate designed specifically to improve the penetration, spreading and droplet survival properties of applied active ingredients including herbicides and defoliants. Particularly suitable to Broadacre and Cotton applications.

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BIOPEST – Features

  • Formulated with food-grade nC24 paraffinic oil and biodegradable, phyto-safe emulsifiers.
  • Improves droplet dispersion and reduces wind drift and evaporation.
  • Enhances pest kill and control when used with traditional insecticides.
  • Recent research highlights rapid mortality and unique, new modes of action.
  • Excellent performance in a range of water types and mixing situations.

BIOPEST – Benefits

  • Ideally suited for use in cotton IPM programs with minimal impact on beneficials.
  • BIOPEST® helps restore the natural balance of the crop ecosystem through minimal effect on beneficials and pest management.
  • Does not stimulate pest outbreaks.
  • No recorded pest resistance.
  • Behaviour modification of pests.
  • Reduces reliance on synthetic chemistry, aiding in the prolonged life of that chemistry.
  • No persistent environmental residues.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Can help reduce costs and increase yields.
  • Developed by an Australian company for Australian conditions.

Cotton Registration Extended

BIOPEST®‘s registration in cotton has recently been extended to include for use in the control of aphids, in addition to its registration for use as a carrier for certain ULV insecticides and as a defoliation aid.

Application instructions for using BIOPEST® in aphid control are as follows:

“Apply by ground rig using minimum of 80L/ha of water. Use alone to control early to mid-season populations of less than 20 aphids per terminal. Do not rely on SACOA BIOPEST® Paraffinic Oil alone to control more than 20 aphids per terminal shoot. If populations of aphids exceed 20 per terminal, use SACOA BIOPEST® Paraffinic Oil in a mixture with a registered aphicide.”

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BIOPEST® is a proprietary formulation containing a premium virgin iso-paraffinic mineral oil + surfactants.

  • A/Constituent: 815g/L Paraffinic Oil
  • Paraffinic content (%Cp): 74%
  • Appearance: water clear
  • Equivalent n-paraffin median carbon number: nC24
  • Unsulphonated Residue (USR): 99.8%
  • Viscosity, cSt at 40oC: 12.43

Pack Sizes Available

BIOPEST® is available in 20L, 110L, 205L, 1000L and bulk. Refer to product label for full usage instructions.

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