Version 2 Date January 2020 Reference 69

Key Points

  • Apply in quick drying conditions where RH% is <60% and the temperature is between 20-32oC.
  • Use coarser droplets to target crops with disease lower in the canopy – BIOPEST® will increase droplet size
  • Do not apply to plants suffering moisture or other stress.
  • Mixing order – please see the Tech Note entitled ‘BIOPEST® Compatibility’

    • BIOPEST® has a formulation developed specifically to deliver high levels of crop safety without compromising efficacy on pests or disease
    • BIOPEST® has a physical mode of action with no recorded instances of resistance development in key horticultural pests
    • BIOPEST® has an IPM fit with little to no effect on pollinators and predatory insects
    • BIOPEST® is organically certified with nil residues & and excellent user safety
    • BIOPEST® has one of the broadest labels for use in horticultural crops – including compatibility with a huge range of mix partners
    • BIOPEST® has been widely used in a range of Australian horticultural crops for over fifteen years
    • Refer to label for more details on rates and mixing partners


BIOPEST® is a highly refined biorational pesticide and pesticidal adjuvant that acts as:

    • A Fungicide
      Effective stand-alone fungicide across a range of crops (i.e. Melons & Cucurbits)
    • An Insecticide
      Effective across a range horticultural pests.
    • A Carrier
      A biological and chemical insecticidal carrier with unique sticking and spreading features.
    • Behaviour Modifier
      Deters feeding and/or oviposition (egg laying) behaviour of a range of key horticultural pests. Suitable across a range of crops, pests and diseases, and spraying conditions.

With an unmatched level of purity BIOPEST® represents the most advanced horticultural spray oil to growers capability of managing multiple, unrelated pests or diseases simultaneously.


Lesser quality petroleum oils and vegetable oils have been shown to damage plants, affect growth and reduce yields in other crops. It is thought this is primarily caused by the lower quality of the oils as well as their different chemical make-up. These oil types are also less likely to provide insecticidal qualities, particularly in terms of behaviour modification.


    • Product Purity
      BIOPEST® has less than 0.02% impurities – the highest level practically achievable with current refining technology. Impurities cause damage and restrict growth the longer they stay on the plant surface. BIOPEST®’s purity means it can stay on the plant surface and keep working without damaging the plant or restricting growth.
    • Optimal Weight Oil
      An oil’s weight, or carbon number, influences its ability to stay on the plant surface. BIOPEST®’s weight is nC24, which is regarded as the optimal weight for an oil when used in pest management. Because BIOPEST® persists on the leaf surface longer it means:

      • More pests killed.
      • Significantly greater effectiveness in modifying the behaviour of pests.
    • Super Sticking
      BIOPEST®’s superior rainfastness means it will keep the insecticide on the plant longer – allowing more time for pest control for both the insecticide and BIOPEST®.
    • Super Spreader
      BIOPEST® contains a unique surfactant formulation that provides for superior spreading of spray droplets. This means more pests come in contact with the spray.



BIOPEST® provides a number of unique features that make it an important tool for IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and sustainable farming. These features are outlined below.

    • No Pest Resistance
      Pests will not develop resistance to BIOPEST®
    • Safe to Beneficials
      BIOPEST® causes minimal harm or disruption to beneficials, Pollinators and predatory insects. This is due to the way BIOPEST® acts on pests.
    • Pest/Diseases Management
      BIOPEST® will act as a stand-alone manager of a wide range of horticultural pests and diseases.
    • Insecticide Carrier
      BIOPEST® will act as uniquely effective carrier with most chemical insecticides as well as BT/ NPVs.
    • Reduced Costs
      Independent research shows that BIOPEST® can significantly reduce insecticide and pest management costs.
    • Protect Yield
      Independent research has shown that BIOPEST®’s ‘soft’ approach to insect management won’t sacrifice crop yields.
    • Environmental Impact
      BIOPEST® is broken down within weeks to form simple molecules that do not pose a threat to the environment.
    • Certified Organic
      BIOPEST® is certified organic with excellent user safety.


The regular presence of BIOPEST® in the crop provides a two-pronged pest management approach:

    1. Pest Kill
      Each spray will kill pests rapidly without disrupting the beneficial insects.
    2. Pest Management
      The presence of BIOPEST® will additionally deter egg laying and feeding in the crop by many key pests for up to 10 days.

Some important principles apply when using BIOPEST®.

Proactive spraying is essential to IPM programs and when using BIOPEST®. Set pest thresholds, monitor and spray
when necessary. This will avoid the expense of having to manage high or extreme pest levels.


Potential applications for BIOPEST® are extensive Please refer to BIOPEST®’s product label for complete listing of registered applications. A copy is available at or by contacting SACOA.


    1. High water volumes
    2. Rates of between 0.5% – 2%.
    3. Ideally, use multiple applications, 10 days apart.
    4. Ensure thorough coverage of the plant.
    5. Constant agitation in the tank.
    6. Avoid spraying when plants are stressed.