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Key Points
  • X-SEED® is a food-grade canola oil most commonly used in sugar cane and grapes that assists in reducing drift, improves wetting and rainfastness and increases coverage of many herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.
  • X-SEED® is compatible with most commonly used agricultural and horticultural products. It is often used with wettable sulphur to control grape vine rust mite
  • The drift reduction properties of X-SEED® make it an ideal partner for both contact and translocated herbicides.


X-SEED® is based on a unique blend of emulsifiers and environmentally renewable, super de-gummed canola oil.
The high molecular weight of vegetable oils and the relatively coarse spray deposit formed by

X-SEED® helps to minimise spray drift and run-off, while at the same time increasing contact coverage and thus uptake of the chemical

X-SEED® will improve the effectiveness of herbicides and insecticides as well as providing:

  • Reduced drift.
  • Improved wetting.
  • Improved rain fastness.
  • Improved sticking and bonding of spray onto plant surfaces.
  • Protection and spreading of agricultural sprays into and onto the target.

As a result of these features, X-SEED® significantly improves the performance of most herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and foliar nutrients resulting in a more cost effective and successful spray program.



Potential applications of X-SEED® include use with:

  • Herbicides.
  • Insecticides: including new bio-insecticides suitable for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs.
  • Protectant fungicides.
  • Foliar fertilisers and chelated trace elements.
  • Growth regulators and hormones.
  • Defoliants.
  • ULV sprays as a bulking agent.
  • Micro-encapsulation.
  • As a desiccation aid when harvesting crops such as potatoes.

X-SEED® can also be used to encapsulate pesticides by premixing it with the pesticides. This increases spray efficacy, rain fastness, facilitates tank mixing of incompatible products and prevents hydrolysis.



Rates are dependent upon the situation, for example in broadacre, apply 200ml-1L/ha
X-SEED® and in tree crops (high volume) apply 100-200ml
X-SEED®/100L water.
For wettable powders or granular formulations add water at 1:1 ratio, mix into a slurry and then add X-SEED®.
For best results, always follow label instructions.



X-SEED® is compatible with most commonly used agricultural and horticultural products.

  • Always check the label of the product to be mixed with X-SEED®.
  • Do not use if the labels states that the chemical is not to be mixed with seed, vegetable or blended emulsifiable crop oil.
  • Most seed oils can cause phytotoxicity in adverse climatic conditions.
  • If a chemical label states the product is to be used with a mineral oil or “water miscible summer oil” please follow this recommendation and contact your reseller for an appropriate SACOA product (such as BIOPEST®).



The drift reduction properties of X-SEED® make it an ideal tank mix partner for both contact and translocated herbicides used in orchards and vines.

If using translocated herbicides such as glyphosate or glufosinate, it is essential to prevent contact onto green or growing tissue of trees (including young bark) as damage to the tree can occur.

X-SEED® will reduce the potential for off-target damage by increasing droplet size and reducing drift.


X-SEED® is particularly useful as an adjuvant for wettable sulphur used to control grapevine rust mite (Calepitrimerus vitis Nalepa) as recommended at woolly bud stage prior to budburst (when using an IPM approach). Further application details to assist in the management of grapevine rust mite include:

  • Wettable sulphur pre bud burst label rates are 500 – 660g/100L.
  • Temperature should be 15°C at time of application.
  • Avoid frosty conditions.
  • Use high spray volume around vine crown at 900L/Ha, (or 600L/Ha for very young vines).
  • X-SEED® added to the spray solution at 2% (10- 12 L/Ha minimum) may improve rust mite kill by 15-20%.

Spray timing for rust mite the most important aspect is that the critical spray window is at the start of rust mite migration, before feeding and egg lay. This is at woolly bud stage for most varieties except Cabernet Sauvignon, which should be sprayed between bud swell and woolly bud stage.

Growers should be aware that canola oil is phytotoxic to grape foliage if applied after budburst.


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