IPDM Pesticides

SACOA IPDM pesticides such as BIOPEST are registered to act as safe and effective stand-alone controls for sucking pests and fungal diseases. They can also assist in the management of these and other pests as carriers for conventional pesticides.
The use of highly refined oils in our formulations ensures any plant damage potential is minimised.
Due to their proven performance and unique safety profile SACOA’s soft chemistry pesticides are ideally suited to deliver a range of benefits to IPDM programs in horticulture and cotton.

BIOPEST Paraffinic Oil

A uniquely pure iso-paraffinic oil formulation designed for use in combination with and/or as a stand-alone fungicide or...

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STIFLE Dormant Spray Oil

STIFLE is an emulsifiable, highly refined, agricultural spray formulated to control a variety of pests and diseases during the...

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SUMMER Insecticidal Spray Oil

SACOA’s SUMMER OIL® is classified as a horticultural mineral oil (HMO). HMO’s are an integral component of Integrated Pest...

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