Product Overview

SACOA’s LURE H20 Turf Ultra has been formulated for all soil types and helps maintain turf quality through periods of dry weather by maximising the effectiveness of rainfall and irrigation water. By capturing and retaining rainfall, LURE H20 Turf Ultra provides a moisture bank that improves rapid reestablishment and reduces dry period plant stress. LURE H20 Turf Ultra design is ideal as a soil applied application prior to installation of roll-on turf or the implementation of a turf seeding program. When applied following these label instructions, this product will overcome hydrophobia and improve water utilisation in all forms of turf management. To maximise effectiveness use while soil is still wet.

Key Features

  • Highly concentrated active formulation.
  • Strongest water holding capacity in SACOA range.
  • For use in larger areas that are rainfall reliant and where minimal irrigation is a factor.
  • Utilise when establishing new turf – Application to soil improves establishment of new turf via roll-on or seeding.
  • Cost effective – Limited yearly applications required.
  • Long lasting residual effect – Significantly slows the drying cycle.
  • Designed to enhance the availability, retention and distribution of moisture in sand-based profiles.
  • Assists in maintaining adequate soil moisture through dry periods.

Essential Data

  • Active Ingredient
    Proprietary blend of polyalkylene glycol & alkyl nonionic / anionic surfactants
  • Pack Sizes
    20L, 200L, 1000L
  • Situation 1 – Fairway / Open Space
    • Rates: 500ml per 100m2; 50L/Ha
    • Critical Comments: Apply in at least 500 – 800L water per hectare. Apply prior to rainfall/irrigation to maximise moisture utilisation. Irrigate immediately following application when temperatures are expected to exceed 30oC within 24 hours of application.
  • Situation 2 – Preparation to Turf Laying or Seeding
    • Rates: 250ml per 100m2; 25 L/Ha
    • Critical Comments: Apply in at least 250L water per Hectare. Apply immediately prior to laying / seeding.
  • Mixing
    A jar test is recommended prior to mixing with other turf products.
  • Safety Notes
    • Safe for use in public spaces.
    • Always read the product label before use.

Capture the Rain, Bank the Rainfall

Replicated trials in WA have shown that when correctly applied, LURE H2O Turf Ultra improves water use efficiency by minimising runoff to capture the rain and it then banks the moisture in the soil profile for an extended period. This provides a cost-effective solution for broadacre areas where maximisation of rainfall is paramount.

These effects also assist new turf establishment when LURE H2O Turf Ultra is soil-applied prior to roll-on or seeding.


Bank the Moisture

Soil moisture (Volumetric Water Content) was monitored over an extended period & the tracking data at 5cm & 20cm depths show a marked improvement in rainfall capture & retention into the soil on the treated areas.

These trials have shown that when correctly applied, LURE H2O Turf Ultra changes the soil’s surface characteristics and allows water that would normally runoff or evaporate to be captured in the soil’s profile for an extended period.

Trial conducted at Brookton, WA 2011