Product Overview


Spreadwet 1000: 1000g/l Alkoxylated Alcohols
SPREADWET 1000 is our premium 1000 g/L non-ionic biodegradable wetting and spreading agent for use with herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.


Wetout: 960g/l Alkoxylated Alcohols
WETOUT is low rate, high spreading, new generation 1000 g/L non-ionic surfactant that enhances herbicides applied with course sprays whilst also reducing spray drift.


Spreadwet 600: 600g/l Ethoxylated Nonyl Phenol & Alkyl Ether plus Fatty Acid
SPREADWET 600 is a 60% W/V non-ionic horticultural wetting agent for use with herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.


Horti-Wet 370: 370g/l Alcohol Ethoxylate
HORTI-WET 370 is a wetter/spreader designed to improve the effectiveness of agricultural sprays by providing good wetting of plant surfaces. HORTI-WET 370 is recommended when improved wetting, retention and coverage are required.


Viti-Wet: 1000g/l Ethoylated Octyl Phenol (an AlkylArylPolyglycol Ether
VITI-WET is a 1000 g/L non-ionic, non-abrasive wetting agent for use in vines, fruit, vegetables, ornamental and herbicide sprays in horticultural applications.


BIND-R is a premium adjuvant for use as a sticker, extender, spreader and deposition agent, which provides superior sticking abilities and extends the life of agricultural pesticides. Also helps regulate droplet size and reduces spray drift, allowing a uniform spray pattern.


GLYSOWET is a wetting and spreading agent that enhances the retention of  Glyphosate and assists the efficacy of dry Glyphosate formulations.


DRIVER is a premium non-ionic, rain-fast wetting agent with low foaming qualities for use with herbicide, fungicides and insecticides sprays.


Trilogy: 1040g/l Octyl Phenol Ethoxylate
Non-ionic wetting agent for use with Glyphosate when controlling annual Ryegrass, Silvergrass and perennial grasses