LURE H2O® – Application Guide

Correct application of LURE H2O is critical to its effectiveness. To allow LURE H2O to capture the rainfall and bank the moisture it is essential that LURE H2O is present on the soil surface when the pre-season rain falls. To ensure this, apply early and minimise the potential for subsequent loss of treated soil via wind erosion or major soil disturbance (these will be more likely to occur in light soil types).

Use the following points as a guide and always read the label instructions prior to application.

Application Timing

As the LURE H2O® System combines a formulation and application method, the application timing is very important and ideally should be applied between mid-March and mid-April or just prior to significant rainfall.

It is critical to LURE H2O®’s success that it is not combined by cultivation until a significant rain amount has fallen to allow for the product to be effectively washed into the soil.

LURE H2O® can be applied up to 4 weeks prior to rainfall (with best results seen when applied as close to rainfall event as possible) and on firm soil with light to moderate stubble or grass cover.

Choosing the Right Rate of Application

Improvements in moisture retention and plant biomass have been reported in trial results at the rate of 10L/ha. A higher rate of 15 – 20L/ha may be appropriate in the following circumstances:

  1. To maximise benefit: To maximise the germination and growth result achieved, an increase in the rate of application up to 20L/ha may be recommended.
  2. Sandy soil type: In sandy soil types a higher rate may be required to provide equivalent results. In gravelly soils the total ‘surface area’ of soil to be treated is lower (more large gravel particles and less soil) than in sandy soil types (many small sand particles). This leads to the need for more LURE H2O® in a treated area.

Application Method and Rate

Apply via boom spray at the recommended rate in 100L of water/ha.


Nozzle Selection

Apply LURE H2O® using a nozzle and spray pressure combination that delivers a coarse to very coarse droplet size. Please note that some brands of air induction nozzles may lead to foaming at the nozzle tips when used at high pressures.

Grazing Stock

It is important that LURE H2O® remains on/in the soil surface once applied. Grazing stock on treated land prior to rainfall will generally be fine where soil surfaces are firm and not too susceptible to particle movement. You should minimise grazing on treated areas where they are light soil types. Alternatively you may wish to delay application until just prior to pre-season rainfall.

Wind Erosion

Don’t apply product if the potential for loss via wind erosion is high. Ideally apply as close to rainfall as possible (even during rain if necessary) to minimise loss via wind erosion.

Seeding Timing

Don’t seed until at least 25mm of rainfall has been received from no more than two rainfall events.


Mixing, Compatibility Notes

Do not mix LURE H2O® with glyphosate. Always jar test any other tank mix combinations.