Soil Treatments

SACOA’s innovative soil treatments improve the water retention properties of certain nonwetting soil types thereby delivering improved seed germination, soil health and the yield benefits of an extended season. SACOA’s LURE H2O can also deliver consistent weed germination that allows for better knockdown control when used prior to seeding.


BIOWETT Invigorate is an innovative and unique all-purpose soil surfactant containing bio-stimulants to promote plant root growth. BIOWETT Invigorate...

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BIOWETT Premium is a unique new formulation developed to fight the significant problems of hydrophobic soils in Western Australia,...

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Harvests rain by breaking through the non-wetting surface and banks the water into the critical root zone, providing a...

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LURE H2O Turf Ultra

LURE H2O Turf Ultra has been formulated for all soil types and helps maintain turf quality through periods of...

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SE14 Moisture Retention Agent

A deep banded moisture retaining agent designed to improve early seedling emergence and vigour. SE14's unique formulation of speciality...

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